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business-advisors-1cSmith-Wright Law, PLLC provides advice and guidance to business owners ranging from small family owned businesses to large national publicly traded companies, assisting them with all aspects of their business. We assist in business formation and help our clients decide which type of entity best serves their needs. We strive to provide our clients with prompt attention and advice with a continual focus on their business and economic demands. We take a cost-benefit approach when analyzing our clients’ business matters. Not only does this give our clients options but it allows them to weigh their legal decisions with an eye to their bottom line. When a dispute arises, we stand ready to assert our clients’ rights efficiently and effectively. We understand that litigation is not our clients’ primary focus as they build their business. We work hard to help clients avoid the pitfalls of litigation but when it arises we resolve disputes in a way that best meets the businesses’ goals.

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