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New Laws to Take Effect January 1, 2023

A variety of new laws will take effect on January 1, 2023. Here is a brief list of the upcoming changes. All descriptions are from the Tennessee General Assembly’s website. Additional details can be found at .

HB1195/Public Chapter 664: As enacted, requires a health insurance entity, a health services provider, or a healthcare facility to notify a patient of communication among the entity, a health services provider, and a healthcare facility concerning the patient’s medical claim; requires a utilization review agent to notify the provider or healthcare facility, as well as the enrollee, when additional information is needed for a prior authorization request.

HB1652/Public Chapter 803: As enacted, requires a business that allows someone to sign up for a service or subscription online to provide the option to cancel the service or subscription online without additional steps; creates certain exceptions.

HB2416/Public Chapter 1001: As enacted, enacts the “Tennessee Abortion-Inducing Drug Risk Protocol Act.”

HB2597/Public Chapter 996: As enacted, authorizes an assessor of property to display “UNLISTED” for the first and last name in the ownership field of an online searchable database of property when certain conditions are met.

HB2683/Public Chapter 819: As enacted, makes emergency communications personnel eligible for early service retirement when the employing entity has elected to offer this benefit; requires the employing entity to be responsible for 100 percent of any increased cost necessary to provide this benefit to the emergency communications personnel. 

SB2514 / Public Chapter 1121: As enacted, enacts “Dallas’s Law,” which revises various provisions governing security guards/officers.

SB0905/Public Chapter 1104: As enacted, revises provisions governing the sales and use tax exemption for qualified farmers and nurserymen in regard to certain farm equipment and machinery used in agricultural operations.

SB2295/Public Chapter 1112: As enacted, makes various changes to the qualifications for certification as a medication aide by the board of nursing. 

SB2398/Public Chapter 785: As enacted, outlines a relative caregiver program for foster care; authorizes the department to implement an extension of the foster care program to provide services to youth transitioning from state custody to adulthood. 

SB2694/Public Chapter 1040: As enacted, revises the provisions governing the requirements for certain professional counselors.

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